Hello :)

I just wanted to tell you that you can send your submitions also to my personal blog, because I´m on there daily, so I see your submitions earlier. A link to my personal blog is on the sidebar and of course you don´t have to follow!

What I also want to say is that I might search for some help on this blog, because I ran out of ideas and I need someone who has new ideas or is creative and is able to make this edits (it´s really no art work as you can see, but Photoshop would be good). Please message me if you are really interested!

Oh and send some submitions! xx 

I have the stallion as icon-picture, because the stallion is beautiful.

As you have or haven´t already noticed, I don´t update regularly anymore..

Reason number one is, that I ran out of ideas and you guys really have to submit more!!! I have some followers that were submitting so much and I´m really grateful, but there weren´t any submissions lately …

Reason number two is, that I was pretty busy lately enjoying my holidays, which are over now … so with some submissions I have less work to do on this blog :)


Hey guys I´m really sorry, have been busy lately, I promise I´ll start posting tomorrow ♥

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